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Purpose:     Students will learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle by creating a personal fitness plan that will meet specific fitness goals. The achievement of these goals will be measured by pre and post data collection and assessments.

PE Content:     Standard 3 “Active Lifestyle” & Standard 4 “Physical Fitness”


Benchmarks:     All benchmarks for standards 3 and 4 will be addressed in this project.


Levels:     All secondary public or private school students in the State of Hawaii will be eligible to participate in this PE Fair Competition. The top 3 school finalists will be allowed to compete at the district level. The top 3 finalists in each district will qualify to compete at the state level competition. A first, second, and third place overall state winners will then be selected.


Video Presentation:     Produce an appropriate video that answers all 10 required questions of the project. Please use proper exposure, composition, graphics, titles, audio, music, graphs, and charts to artistically express your personal project. Include footage of you actively engaged in your goal setting, workouts, and your pre and post testing experience. The finished project should be approximately 3-4 minutes long and may be submitted via DVD or electronic file.


Recognition and Awards:     The top 3 school level finalists will receive a 1st-3rd place finishing certificates and ribbons. 

                                      The top 3 district school level finalists will be awarded with gift cards to Sports Authority. The top district finalist will be invited to compete for the the top 4 State level places;  First Place - GoPro Silver Video Camera, Second Place - Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, Third Place - iPod Nano, Fourth Place- iPod Shuffle


Timeline:     School and District level finalists must be selected by the end of April. State finalists will be selected in May and displayed at the State PE Conference.

Requirements (All Must Be Included in Your Project):

1.  Explain the relationship between a healthy lifestyle and regular participation in physical activity.

2.  Choose one area of health-related fitness which you would like to improve on and why?

3.  Create two measurable goals in your selected area of health-related fitness that you would like to improve on.

4.  List and explain your rationale in selecting at least three different fitness activities you will participate in outside of PE class to improve on your selected area of fitness

5.  Identify and analyze three factors that may affect your overall health and fitness goals.  How can these factors prevent you from achieving your fitness goals?

6.  Name three clubs, organizations, businesses or other resources in your community that may help you in achieving your fitness goals.

7.  Using the FITT principle, create a four week personal fitness plan that will focus on achieving your health-related fitness goal selected.

8.  Conduct a standardized pre- and post- assessment on your two personal fitness goals.  Include a data chart or graph in displaying your results.

9.  Include a signed testimonial letter by a parent or guardian that verifies your participation and results of your project.  (THIS IS NOT A PART OF YOUR VIDEO PRESENTATION)

10.  Include your reflection of your personal fitness plan and heath-related goals.  Include things that went well, difficulties encountered, and any changes you would make as you continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  (THIS IS NOT A PART OF YOUR VIDEO PRESENTATION)

If you have any questions or would like to watch a sample PE Fair video, please contact Curt Okimoto at:

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