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Check out the HAHPERD COVID-19 Focused Webinars

Teachers Helping Teachers: Engaging students in online and physically distanced physical education

This webinar is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. This session is led by Mekia Earle and includes suggestions and conversations around teaching elementary PE in an online and physically distanced setting.

Effective Strategies for Teaching Health and PE in a COVID-19 Era

This webinar is about 1 hour and 40 minutes. It includes about 50 minutes of lecture from Dr. Erin Centeio and 40 minutes of discussion and questions from the live participants.

The following is a collection of content to help you prepare lessons and activities for your students while they are at home and not in the building. Please contact HAHPERD808@gmail.com if you have other resources that you think would be helpful.

Physical Education and Health Resources for Online, Hybrid, and Physically Distanced Environments

  • SHAPE America (Society for Health and Physical Educators) -- SHAPE America has put together a mountain of resources to help teachers through having students at home during the COVID19 pandemic. This includes both physical education and health education direct resources as well as helpful links to get you started. Make sure you click around as each button gives you something new.

  • #HealthyKidsQuarantined --The Center for Health and Community Impact at Wayne State University is affiliated with Dr. Erin Centeio at University of Hawai‘iat Mānoa. They created weekly activity plans for physical activity and nutrition that include five days worth on content each week. These are dated in the spring, but the content is focused on elementary and middle school grade levels and could be reused at any time.

  • Healthy Kids SHINE - This is a program created by Dr. Erin Centeio at the University of Hawai‘i and Dr. Jeanne Barcelona from Wayne State University. The program posts content each week around Physical Education, Classroom nutrition and physical activity, as well as at home activities and nutrition ideas for families.

  • OPEN Physical Education has lessons, videos, and workbook packets that you can use to send home to your students. Check out the website and start determining what would be best for your class!

  • Dynamic Physical Education -- Dynamic PE is sponsored by Gopher Sports and developed by Bob Pangrazi. He has easy lesson plans accessible, some of which can be done at home!

  • HPEatHome -- A website for teachers and families with all kinds of ideas and activities to help keep kids active and healthy while at home.

  • PE Central -- PE Central is a website that has numerous lessons for physical education and physical activity. Through the Facebook group on PE Central, numerous teachers have joined together to create open google drives in order to share their resources with others. This information is unvetted, however, there is so much material and ideas on these sites. Please see the links below to some of the available public drives. 
  • Hip Hop Public Health -- A great tool that uses music to teach healthy messaging and get kids moving. Created for all ages.

  • SPARKHome Free Resources -- SPARK has been a leader in physical education for years. There website provides at home resources for families to be active.

  • CATCH Health at Home -- CATCH has also been a leader in the field in childrens health and wellness. Check out their site for home activity resources.

  • GoNoodle At Home --A great website for elementary kids to get up and moving while following along with movement videos.

  • United States Tennis Association -- Provides many free resources to schools for kids to learn tennis. They have created some activities for kids to be able to do at home.

  • Health Teacher Central -- This website has lots of resources for health lessons and worksheets both in the school and home environment.

  • Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) At Home Resources -- SOPHE is national association that focuses on public health in the United States. On their website, they have many resources that could serve to help educators who are preparing resources to send home to students. You might have to look through the content, but there are some great lessons and ideas hosted here.

  • Kids Health in the Classroom -- A website resource for teachers that offers health-related lessons plans for children in grades PK-12. There are even portions of the website designed for parents and teenagers if you would like your families to visit the site on their own.

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